Clean Room Sticky Mats

You can use clean room sticky mats in controlled area having excellent results. In addition, clean room sticky mats have the reputation of clearing 95% of the particles in the place they are located.

·       They can be used in hospital and labs because are very effective in cleaning controlled areas.
·       Can be very efficient to be used in critical places such as in labs, industrial plants, etc.
·       Perfect for sterilized clean areas to keep dirt and contamination at bay.

Benefits and features
·       Clean room sticky mats are disposable mats that can be used in demanding site conditions to control dust particles
·       Environmentally friendly and also renewable with 30 disposable adhesive and renewable sheets
·       Comes with high-quality adhesive on a polyethylene film
·       Removes and traps unwanted dirt, dust and debris from shoes
·       Clean room sticky mats act as a fortification for sterile environments
·       Anti-slip surface technology

·       Hospital and labs
·       Repair shops
·       Factories

·       Industrial lines


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