Jet Print Logo Mats With PVC Backing

Impress your customers placing in different entrances and areas of your business a Jet Print Logo Mats with PVC Backing. These logo floor mats are made using highest quality dyes, which give these mats a long-lasting impression.  In addition, Jet Print Logo floor Mats are manufactured with PVC Backing, providing to you a high-quality solution for an affordable price.

·       Specially manufactured for business with posh ambiance
·       Manufactured with PVC backing
·       Brand building

Benefits and features
·       This mat will empower your business brand
·       Very easy to clean
·       We provide you a palette of 54 colors and you can choose up 14
·       Manufacture with durable and high-quality materials
·       Mat surface made of nylon

·       Hospital and labs
·       Repair shops
·       Factories
·       Industrial lines


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